Rustic Barn at Bayhorse Inn Wedding

May 26, 2020

Filed in: Wedding

This rustic barn wedding at the Barn at Bayhorse Inn could not have been more perfect for Haley + Adam‘s love story. You might remember them from their fun engagement session held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. I mean, what’s a better midwest love story than finding love at the State Fair? I can’t think of one! Haley accepted her first job after college with the Indiana State fair as an event coordinator. She was ready to be in charge of coordinating the largest event at the state fairgrounds, but I doubt she was ready to find the love of her life.

I was in love with all the little details from the wedding day. I had high expectations given Haley’s talents, but she exceeded them all! Each centerpiece was uniquely decorated with lanterns, greenery, and personal touches from their personal lives. They told the story of the couple and allowed the guests to feel more connected to the couple.

The Barn at Bayhorse Inn was also the most beautiful barn I have photographed to date. Each warm, wooden panel was draped with string lights to illuminate the spacious reception location. The rustic windows also let in the perfect amount of natural light (including that gorgeous golden glow towards the evening)!

Enough with the details, the wedding itself was a huge party from the beginning. The Bride and her bridesmaids allowed me to join their limo ride to the church, which had just been remodeled making Haley + Adam’s wedding the first in the new venue!

On the way home, the bridal party and I packed into a limo to head back to the reception. As any other great limo ride, it wouldn’t have been complete without early 2000s hits, a case or two of budlight, and obviously popping bottles of champaign! As you can imagine, the party continued through the night & left every guest hoping the night never had to end.