The Barn at Hamner Ridge Wedding Date Celebration

May 27, 2020

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It’s safe to say everyone has been affected by COVID-19. Some people have lost jobs. Others have been called to fight on the front lines. Hope + Nate have been forced to push their wedding at the Barn at Hamner Ridge to later date. Receiving the final message from Hope that the wedding would be moved to July crushed my heart. Not because it affected me in any way, but because my heart hurt knowing the disappointment they must be feeling and the stress rebooking would cause them.

From the moment I met Hope, I could tell she was kind yet also extremely strong. Changing the date would be tough, but I knew it was nothing she couldn’t handle with a beautiful smile on her face. May 23, 2020 was just another date on the calendar for you & I, but to Hope + Nate it was everything. It was the day they would finally be Husband & Wife after *years* in the making. This day meant too much to them to let it pass by, so Hope made a memory happen.

She decided they would still go to the Venue on their wedding day. They would still devote their love to each other. But on this day, it would only be the two of them, her parents and myself. The owners of Barn at Hamner Ridge so graciously allowed Hope’s vision of honoring the day to come true.

In perfect Indiana fashion, it was raining from the moment we pulled up. I promise you though, this did not stop Hope + Nate from exploring the wide-open property and beautiful ceremony locations. They even ventured inside the modern barn and had their “first dance” under the chandelier embellished wish greenery. The three of us stood outside peacefully listening to the rain hit the metal roof and watching the sun peak through the clouds.

Hope + Nate had both handwritten Wedding Day letters to each other. They placed their backs against either side of the barn wall and interlaced their fingers tightly. Nate’s words brought tears to Hope’s eyes; especially when he mentioned he knew he would marry her from the moment he met her. In high school! Cue the waterworks!

Nate said his final word and Hope peaked around the corner just smiling at him. She glanced to her future husband and spoke to him with simply a look. That’s true love. After a gentle kiss, Hope pulled out her letter and turned her chin away from him. She began by saying “If you would have told me a year ago there would be anything stopping us from getting married today, I wouldn’t have believed you.” Even though they are not saying their vows or having their ceremony today, Hope + Nathan are still at the barn, still dressed to nines, and still celebrating their love.

As soon as her letter was done, the rain slowed and the sun began to show. We walked to the left into warm, golden sunset. Nate got turned back towards me in preparation for the photo when he saw the most magical surprise to the right. A vibrant rainbow was arching perfectly over the property. I quickly turned them around the grab a photo I never could have dreamed of taking. It’s a memory that I will cherish forever & I am so grateful they asked me take part in their special day. It’s also a simple reminder that nothing stands a chance against their love story, not even a global pandemic.

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