White Willow Farms Summer Wedding

June 13, 2020

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Last weekend at White Willow Farms, in the midst of the craziness known as 2020 and preparing to move to another state, I was reminded why I love photographing weddings so much: it’s all about serving other people. For this one day, the “real” world pauses and I am brought into the most important day of someone else’s world.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jordan since we were little. Our dads have been partners for nearly 15 years and our families have been inseparable ever sense. After numerous family vacations, work Christmas parties, & lake days I have enjoyed all the memories we’ve made.

Jake probably never imagined he would spot his future wife from across the room at a local Mexican restaurant. Also, he probably never imagined he would marry the daughter of his father’s co-workers. But life has a funny way of working, and that’s the reason they found each other. Jake couldn’t take his eyes off Jordan and recognized her father, but he didn’t go up to her table that day. He knew he had missed his chance and decided to “slide into her DMs” as you would say. Unfortunately, Jake couldn’t find her on Facebook or Instagram. He was forced to leave it up to the old fashioned word-of-mouth to get her attention.

Luckily Jordan was just as smitten as him! After dating for a while, Jake popped the question on the 4th of July. Who wouldn’t love a firework display during their proposal?

Last weekend they professed their love for each other at White Willow Farms in front of their closest friends in family — even during COVID19! It was wonderful to see so many people in the same space again & celebrating new beginnings for Mr. & Mrs. Dietz! Final disclaimer: this post is HUGE! I had too many favorites!

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