Indiana Senior Photographer | Ryan | Noblesville, IN

August 23, 2018

Filed in: Portrait, Senior

This Senior Sunday was one for the books! When else would you voluntarily wake up at 7am, jump into a cold lake, + pull off all your best tricks right away? Only when it’s for senior pictures of course! Personally, I know it would take a lot more than the idea of my own senior pictures + a McDonald’s diet coke to get me to do that! Luckily, Ryan loves wake boarding and surfing more than anyone I know, so it wasn’t too much of a hassle to get him out on Morse Reservoir so early. Plus, he has had plenty of practice to perfect his skills.

We couldn’t have done this senior session without the help of his family and my family. Per usual, an adventure with the Bell family is never small or boring; all six of us (+ their dog, Bailey) went out on the boat bright and early. We all enjoyed the boat ride and watched Ryan stay above water (for almost) the entire time. Sweet Bailey wanted to jump in + rescue Ryan immediately after falling in, but my mom made sure we did not have to take a wet dog back with us.

If this session was any indication of how the rest of his senior sessions will go, I can tell you it is going to be a blast!