Fishers Indiana Photographer | Cake Smash + Fruit Bath

August 20, 2018

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Cake smash + fruit bath…what more could you ask for?? Happy 1st Birthday to the most adorable pair of twins I’ve ever met! I am so happy their mama discovered the fruit bath idea, because it was so simple and sweet. Nothing tugs more on my heart strings than a little baby all dressed up in the glitz and glam. Elizabeth loved the water and sat there calmly eating her strawberries, while her brother Elijah pretended like it was a day at the pool. Soon enough, there was more water on the floor than in the tub + you were actually able to see some of the blueberries! That is one of the things I love most about kiddos — they’re so unpredictable but it always leads to something more fun and memorable.

Their birthday party wasn’t all about the fruit though…what is a first birthday without a cake smash?? I’m personally very happy that so many moms are celebrate the first big birthday with a cake smash because it always ends in the cutest photos and an even cuter (and sweeter) mess. The only thing I’m still confused about is how a child could not like cake. Cake is not my favorite thing, but if I was a baby + it was in front of me it would be ALL of over me. Elizabeth quickly figured out icing might be her new favorite thing, but Elijah was not about it. At all. It almost seemed like he was afraid of the cake. Luckily, it made for a few hilarious & memorable photos!







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