Katie | Downtown Noblesville

May 27, 2018

Filed in: Headshot, Portrait

Picture this. You’ve danced since you began to walk. Your feet are still scared from those horrendous years when you did pointe and claimed it was fun. Eventually, it was time to go off to college & find your dream. That’s when you decided dance was you dream, as it always has been. Fast forward four years & you’ve graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and the world is at your feet.

What do you do next? Take a chance and move to a big city? Stay at home and try to make a plan? Somehow, this dream of yours is going to make for a great life. Right now, you are at the most nerve wracking, yet exciting fork in the road. Anywhere you go, you’re going to find success and happiness.

I am so happy for this girlie! She just graduated from Indiana University & is at this very point in her life! I had the opportunity to snap a few headshots for her before she heads off on this new, exciting journey! I wish you the best of luck & a life full of happiness!