Azra + Brice | Noblesville Lifestyle Engagement

June 25, 2018

What can I say, Azra & Brice are the couple you glance at from across the room and feel the love between them. They welcomed me into their beautiful home in Noblesville, IN this weekend for a lifestyle engagement session (my fave!) I fell head over heals for the tables in their home (which Brice made, of course).

Lifestyle sessions always bring out a fun side in the couple or family. I loved being able to peak into their everyday lives. These two love to dance together, which you can see in the gallery; I found it so special because it seems that most people forget the importance of dancing together. It also helped to bring out Brice’s fun side because, just like me, he’s not a huge fan of being in front of the camera. Although unlike me, you would never be able to tell!!

Their smiles were infectious & I loved being able to laugh through the awkwardness of any photo session with them. This engagement session made me more excited to photograph their wedding this fall! Here’s a little look at some of love I captured.