You know those in-between, special moments you don't think anyone else notices? Those are what I capture. Are you the mama constantly taking photos of your kiddos on your phone, but never actually make it into the photo? Let me be your photographer for the day and help you make priceless memories with your family!

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Coxhall Gardens in Carmel Indiana Carmel Indiana Portrait Photographer Regan reached out to me about photographing something near and dear to her heart–her puppy Gracie. Gracie’s health has started to decline recently, so Regan wanted to get portraits taken while she was still her happy self. Being a dog person myself, I could not be […]

Did you know I used to be a Contemporary Dance Major at Indiana University? Well, I do a little bit of everything 🙂 Being a dancer, it is crucial to have a good headshot. I am so grateful my old director reached out to me and asked to update the program’s headshots! I know most […]

This Senior Sunday was one for the books! When else would you voluntarily wake up at 7am, jump into a cold lake, + pull off all your best tricks right away? Only when it’s for senior pictures of course! Personally, I know it would take a lot more than the idea of my own senior […]

OKAY. I just have to say, this was one of those sessions I stayed up until 3am culling & editing because I actually could not wait. Also, who knew you could find this gorgeous scenery in a backyard in Bloomington, IN? This is one of my sweetest friends, & I am so thankful we were […]

None of us had been to Coxhall Gardens before, but I can promise we will all be coming back! I can not get over how gorgeous it is!! After a stressful week of moving, I could not have asked for a better way to end the week than the Macke Family! I  had a smile […]

Picture this. You’ve danced since you began to walk. Your feet are still scared from those horrendous years when you did pointe and claimed it was fun. Eventually, it was time to go off to college & find your dream. That’s when you decided dance was you dream, as it always has been. Fast forward […]

Have you ever seen a ballon with a 2 ft diameter? I haven’t either until today! Here I was thinking little Brady was finally getting bigger, and these balloons made him seem tiny again. I am so grateful I have been able to photograph this little one from the beginning. His smile gets bigger each […]

Being roommates is one thing, but being best friends is another. I had a blast with these sweet gals.         

Here it is, four days before you finally graduate from college. Naturally, you’re overjoyed to have a degree & get to move into the real world. All of a sudden you start to realize what it means to move into the real world and the uncertainty starts to kick in. Graduation is such a bitter-sweet […]