Jones Family | Indianapolis Family Photographer | Canal Walk

November 7, 2018

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The Jones family had me laughing the entire time down the Canal Walk! I had never been down to the Canal on the White River, but I promise I’ll will be going back for more sessions! I instantly fell in love. I never knew Indianapolis could be such a beautiful backdrop!

I can honestly say, I’ve never laughed so hard during a single session. This family is full of love and they made my heart smile. All of the kiddos have lively personalities + they all bring out the best in each other. I wouldn’t mind have three siblings if they were all like them!

The best part was how they instantly made me feel like family. I always love when my clients become good friends, but they 100% brought me in. I am so grateful for them + their sweet souls. Also, can we take a moment to recognize how photogenic ALL of them are?? They’re all so stinkin’ cute!!








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