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October 2, 2018

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Azra + Bryce recently tied the knot in Noblesville, IN, but when did it all begin?

The Story:

Even though Azra + Bryce went to high school together, sparks did not fly until they went their separate ways. Azra was actually on a summer trip to visit her family in Bosnia when Brice decided to confess his love. Literally. Most guys who message a girl over Facebook would start off by saying “you’re so beautiful” or “I remember you from high school and would love to catch up”. But instead, Brice decided to jokingly–or drunkenly–tell her loved her. Although it would have scared most people away, it caught Azra off guard and fully grabbed her attention. Lucky him, because seven years later his courageous act made her his wife.

The Big Day:

The wedding would not have happened without the help of the bridal party + many family members. The grooms family built the arbor, set up the tents + chairs, created the “dance floor” fully of hay, built the wooden wall + string light wall, built an outdoor bar, and made the dinner. All of the flowers were purchased from a standard grocery store and turned into the lavish bouquets, center pieces, flower crowns, and table decorations. One of the family members embellished the arbor with left over flowers as surprise to the Bride. It was the perfect touch that tied in the lace coverings on hay barrel seats to the arbor. There was a fishing pole intertwine with the branches on one side of the arbor; it belonged to Bryce’s grandfather who passed three years prior. Bryce’s grandfather had a major influence on him and wanted to honor him at his wedding. The ceremony included a poem recognizing the people who were no longer with us and could not be there that day. It added a unique touch to the simple and sweet ceremony.

From the ceremony, everyone walked closer towards the house to enjoy the cocktail hour. The guests enjoyed beer on tap as the Bride + Groom greeted everyone in attendance. The home cooked Amish-style meal was served and left everyone full and ready for the party to begin. Before the party could commence, the Maid of Honor + Best Man led a toast and delivered the most endear and hilarious speaches. As the Maid of Honor, Kaila, even pointed out, it was amazing Brice was able to keep Azra around for more than five years without proposing. Kaila also admitted she knew Brice was the one for Azra immediately because he was the male version of herself. They were both perpetual procrastinators who have huge hearts and an overwhelming love for 90’s hip hop. Honestly, a husband who is a male version of your childhood best friend seems pretty perfect!

The Lovely details:

After the Maid of Honor + Best Man speeches, the Groom’s father unexpectedly took the microphone and grabbed everyone’s attention. He looked directly towards the Bride + Groom. He explained how honored he was to host the wedding at his house–the home Bryce grew up in–because that had always been a tradition in their family. His father also thanked Azra for being the perfect woman for Bryce–pushing him to be a better person and keeping him close to his family. Tears left the eyes of Bryce as he saw his father pour his heart out to everyone in attendance. His genuine love and support for the Bride + Groom left everyone speechless and with a warm feeling inside. He reminded everyone how they were here to bring two people together, two families together, and two cultures together. His spontaneous speech was a reminder of the reason marriage exists in the first place.

The beautiful First Dance was followed by a sentimental Father-Daughter dance. Azra + her father danced to a traditional Bosnian song which got everyone standing and dancing. It was a beautiful to see a mix of Bosnian + American traditions. The DJ playing a mix of country, 90’s, and current hits. He threw in a couple Bosnian songs to appeal to Azra’s family + keep everyone vibrant and lively. The couple took a dance break to cut their beautiful cake they purchased from Sam’s Club. Sam’s club. All the bride could say was how it was the best cake she ever tasted and was in complete shock. It was the perfect edition to their beautiful, rustic DIY wedding.




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Dress: Sophia’s Bridal

Flowers: Sam’s Club

Cake: Sam’s Club